Non-GAAP Financial Measures

2016 Normalized FFO Guidance

Ventas currently expects its 2016 normalized FFO to range between $4.07 and $4.15 per diluted common share.

Our normalized FFO guidance (and related GAAP earnings projections) for all periods assumes that all of the Company’s tenants and borrowers continue to meet all of their obligations to the Company. In addition, the Company’s normalized FFO guidance excludes (a) gains and losses on the sales of real property assets, (b) merger-related costs and expenses, including amortization of intangibles and transition and integration expenses, and deal costs and expenses, including expenses and recoveries, if any, relating to the Company’s lawsuit against HCP, (c) the impact of any expenses related to asset impairment and valuation allowances, the write-off of unamortized deferred financing fees, or additional costs, expenses, discounts, make-whole payments, penalties or premiums incurred as a result of early retirement or payment of the Company’s debt, (d) the non-cash effect of income tax benefits or expenses and derivative transactions that have non-cash mark-to-market impacts on the Company’s income statement, (e) the impact of future unannounced acquisitions or divestitures (including pursuant to tenant options to purchase) and capital transactions, and (f) the reversal or incurrence of contingent consideration and liabilities.

Our guidance is based on a number of other assumptions, which are subject to change and many of which are outside our control. If actual results vary from these assumptions, our expectations may change. There can be no assurance that we will achieve these results.

Reconciliation of the FFO guidance to our projected GAAP earnings is set forth here.


Other Non-GAAP Financial Measures

Reconciliation of the historical non-GAAP financial measures to our GAAP results is set forth here.

Updated: April 29, 2016