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Delivering high-quality assets, diversification and growth.

We are distinguished by the strength and breadth of our diversified portfolio of nearly 1,500 seniors housing and healthcare properties. Our portfolio, located in 46 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces, includes the following asset mix:

Our Portfolio Property Counts

Since 2004, we have made approximately $22 billion in strategic investments, achieving a balance across all key measures – including geography, asset type, tenant/manager mix, revenue source and operating model. For owner/operators of seniors housing and healthcare properties, our strong balance sheet and liquidity offer attractive access to capital and our management expertise provides the ability to deliver innovative solutions and quickly execute complex transactions. For investors, our diversified portfolio and proven track record of performance has produced superior and reliable sources of cash flow and financial returns.

* Property counts as of close of Q4 2013 and exclude facilities classified as discontinued operations.