EEO-1 Report

  • We have a long history of actively promoting diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I), and we are committed to driving lasting change in our company, our industry and our communities.
  • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires employers to submit an EEO-1 report on an annual basis. The report breaks down an employer’s workforce by race, ethnicity and gender across job categories established by the EEOC.
  • The data included in our EEO-1 report, which is provided below, is as of October 27, 2023 and, consistent with EEOC requirements, reflects our U.S. operations only.
  • The job categories in the EEO-1 report below are provided by the EEOC and encompass a broad range of Ventas job titles and levels. For reference, generally, the “Executives/Sr. Officials and Managers” category captures employees who are vice presidents or higher; the “First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers” category captures employees who are at the director or manager level and others in similar roles; the “Professionals” category captures non-managers in a variety of roles; the “Administrative Support Workers” category captures executive assistants, coordinators and administrators; and the “Technicians” category captures lead, senior and maintenance technicians.
  • For more information on Ventas’s commitment to DE&I, please see our Corporate Sustainability Report.

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