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Value-Added Investments

With one of the best, most experienced and cohesive investment teams in the REIT sector, Ventas is the premier capital partner to leading care providers, developers, research and medical institutions, innovators and other healthcare providers, with a well-earned reputation for using creativity and insight to execute deals others cannot.

External growth is one of our core competencies. We've delivered more than $39 billion of strategic investments in the past 20 years through a best-in-class investment culture, rigor and process, built on our dedicated team’s deep industry knowledge and diverse expertise across the critical areas of underwriting, finance and investment, banking, development and operations.

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strategic investments

Global Institutional Investment Management

Ventas Investment Management (VIM) enables the Company to access an expansive market opportunity by attracting global private capital to our demographically driven asset classes. VIM capitalizes on Ventas’s position as a trusted industry expert and innovator with a proven track record of success through market cycles. Private owners of real estate seek to invest alongside Ventas directly in life science, senior housing and other healthcare real estate to obtain the benefit of our experience, relationships and industry knowledge.

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Assets Under Management

Partnerships with Industry Leaders Provide Proprietary Growth

Ventas aligns with superior operators and developers to invest in their long-term growth alongside our own. We have a proven track record of investing in and promoting long-term and growing relationships with partners across our portfolio who bring scale, skill and access to growth opportunities.

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Proven Investment Approach

As a disciplined investor, Ventas has a clear set of capital allocation priorities and looks for accretive investments in advantaged properties that will complement our diversified portfolio. We evaluate each opportunity across a wide variety of risk-adjusted measures and invest in high-performing assets and partners who can deliver strong cash flows year after year.

Ventas maintains a balanced investment strategy that has produced significant cash flow, accretion and value creation:

<$30B in in deals reviewed each year

Responsible Investment

Ventas is committed to environmentally and socially responsible investment and development in collaboration with our operating partners.

Responsible Development and Redevelopment: Ventas is committed to environmentally and socially responsible development in collaboration with our operating partners, including the pursuit of LEED certification, developing urban brownfields and infill sites, and supporting urban revitalization through our developments. We are on track to achieve our goal of LEED Silver or higher on 100 percent of our $1.5 billion Life Science, Research & Innovation development pipeline, and have zero projects being developed on greenfield sites (as of February 2021).

Responsible Acquisitions: Reflecting our commitment to long-term outperformance, our acquisition due diligence process includes rigorous vetting of environmental, social, governance, operational and other business risks, as well as Property Condition Assessments (PCA) and Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for all new acquisitions. The Ventas acquisitions team also collaborates with risk management and our property insurers to evaluate the exposure of new properties to high hazard earthquake, flood and wind zones. We ensure appropriate insurance coverage, limits and deductibles, as well as applicable geographic dispersion to avoid issues from concentration of risk.

Energy and Water Efficiency: Our Sustainability team collaborates with operating partners, tenants and leading vendors and technology providers to identify and implement energy and water efficiency measures across our portfolio. Since 2018, we have approved more than $50 million of energy efficiency investments with a blended annual return to Ventas of more than 13%. Projects include LED lighting upgrades throughout our SHOP portfolio, and LED lighting and HVAC upgrades in our Office portfolio.

“One of the hallmarks of the Ventas team is our solution-oriented culture and the ability to structure creatively to meet our partner's needs.”

// Julie Robinson
SVP, Investments